Sekyee’s Project Services help you align your organisational ICT strategies to ensure a desired outcome

Project Management and Procurement

We work closely with multiple vendors to fit your organisational requisites for ICT Solutions and our experienced team are available to work with you on any requirements you may have regarding the purchase, installation, or upgrade of your ICT infrastructure. Whether you simply need one device or have a larger scale requirement, we can offer value for money and enhance your existing business processes.

Office Relocation

With over many years of expertise our trained staff are experienced to support you with all your ICT relocation requirements. We provide a selection of comprehensive services which include: Server relocations, PC and Office IT relocation, Cabling : Auding, Port mapping

Systems Upgrade

System upgrades are critical to business performance and have additional benefits such as an increase in the lifespan and better efficiency of your computer equipment. We will work with you to build an in-depth understanding of your needs, organisational workflow and how your new or upgraded solutions will integrate into your existing systems. We offer comprehensive support from start to finish - from the initial planning and procurement stages, through to management of the project, completion and sign-off.

Infrastructure Build and Design

We provide comprehensive ICT infrastructure and integrated network technology solutions that support your business and structured to reach their full potential which ensures your day to day operations are never compromised.