Our Disaster Recovery Services ensure IT failures and ransomware attacks do not affect your organisation’s time, resources, and costs.

Managed Recovery Programme

We ensure that your data is protected, retrievable and provide solutions to ensure that there is a plan in place in the event of cyber-attacks or physical factors which could impact your data and business continuity. 1) Cloud back-up solutions 2) On premise back-up solutions 3) Disaster recovery planning 4) Loan servers (hot swap) 5) 24/7 network and server monitoring

Office backup

Automated daily backup of crucial admin / SIMS data and daily notification email to confirm a successful backup. Data is retained for a maximum of 6 months including 60 days’ worth of daily backup Full offsite backup We can offer a full offsite backup and recovery solution that will back up your entire server and restore it to its previous state in the event of a disaster. Please contact us for more information.

Backup and data protection

Sekyee is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and fully complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The data is fully encrypted from your systems and is held in our secure office data centre and stored exclusively in the United Kingdom. - Data storage solutions - Automated daily backup - Fast recovery - Stored in our highly secure vault infrastructure - Reliable restore process

Cloud backup

We can help you better manage and protect your business through proactive service and state-of-the-art solutions for compliance, analytics and surveillance. Please contact us for more information.