The future of Trading Communications

With BT Unified Trading, BT has set the benchmark for the next decade by brining to market a powerful, cost- effective, software-based cloud-compatible trader voice, multi-media and collaboration solution. By consolidating your infrastructure you can reduce your costs and increase flexibility by using solutions as a service through scalable, secure and compliant private trusted clouds.

Interact, trade securely, comply with regulation

Multi-channel communication: so your trading teams can communicate with clients, counterparties and colleagues using a blend of speech, video and messaging from the broadest range of fixed and mobile devices and applications Flexibility: flexible deployment options so you can integrate your enterprise systems with your trading floor IT and combine cloud with on-premise solutions in the best way for your Community collaboration: across Radianz Cloud Compliance : helping you respond to legal holds and regulatory investigations more effectively with proactive surveillance.

Move to a unified communications solution

Free your trading teams, counterparties, and clients to collaborate more effectively, while also giving you valuable client insight.


BT Unified Trading voice service BT Unified Trading session manager


BT unified Trading collaboration server


BT Unified Trading recorder

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